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Differences between A Stock Sports Guard and A Professional Sports Guard

If you play contact sports, you know that sometimes the game can get a little rough. When you head out on the field, you accept that there’s a risk of a blow to the jaw or mouth that could result in damage to your teeth or gums. People who play contact sports reduce the risk of injury by wearing a mouthguard to protect the teeth and sensitive oral tissues. The question is, is a stock sports guard good enough for the purpose or should you invest in a professional sports guard?

An Essential Tool for Protecting Your Mouth

People who play sports—especially contact sports—are at risk of common facial injuries that can include a broken nose, a blow to the jaw, damaged or knocked-out teeth, and injury to sensitive oral tissues such as the lips and gums.

Wearing a sports guard provides essential protection. According to the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation, if you don’t wear a sports guard when playing a contact sport, your risk of suffering some kind of damage to your teeth is 60 times higher. For instance, a sports guard can prevent oral tissues from being lacerated by the teeth after a blow to the head. A sports guard also protects the teeth from direct impact and from clashes that might cause fractures or cause one or more teeth to be knocked out.

mouth guard can also be worn during sleep. Wearing these devices at night protects against wear and tear damage caused by tooth grinding and jaw clenching. These behaviors can’t be controlled during sleep, but wearing a mouth guard prevents damage to the teeth.

Why choose a Custom-Made Sports Guard?

A stock sports guard can be obtained over-the-counter from a pharmacist. These devices are relatively inexpensive and you don’t need to see your dentist get one. However, to properly protect your mouth, it’s better to see your dentist to get a custom-made sports guard.

The main benefit of having a custom-made device is that it’s made using your own mouth as a mold. It fits you perfectly, right down to the unique shape and alignment of your own teeth. This means it’s perfectly shaped to protect your teeth from high-impact blows. And because it’s molded to fit your mouth it’s much more comfortable and easier to wear.

Another important consideration is that a custom-made mouth guard is much better able to protect your entire smile. Over-the-counter devices are often poorly-fitting and aren’t able to protect all of the teeth the way a professionally-made mouth guard does. With a good mouth guard from your dentist, all of your teeth are properly protected, to safeguard your whole smile.

Don’t Play Another Game Without Protection

If you play any kind of contact sport and are not using a professional, custom-made sports guard, consider seeing your dentist before your next game. It’s so important to protect yourself from a potentially serious injury, and a custom-made guard is the best kind of protection you can get for your teeth and sensitive oral tissues. Injuries can be damaging, painful, and costly, so it’s definitely a sensible idea to invest in a good protective device, and prevent these injuries from occurring.

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