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Man beams with a confident smile, holding a pair of invisible aligners for teeth straightening.

People who play contact sports know that they’re at risk of concussion and other problems when on the field. These can include a higher likelihood of damaged or lost teeth if they suffer a blow to the mouth or jaw.

To protect their smiles, athletes typically wear a nightguards that provides the mouth and teeth with support and protection.

Why Are NIGHTGUARDS So Effective
in Protecting Teeth?

Woman holding a Nightguard in white background

There are several reasons for why nightguards are so effective in protecting your smile: 

All these reasons help athletes avoid costly and painful injuries. After all, according to the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation, athletes who don’t use a sports guard when they play have a 60-fold higher risk of damaging their teeth!

Why is it Better to Use a

close-up image of a woman wearing a Nightguard