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Effective Invisalign® Clear Braces in Keller, TX

A straight set of teeth not only looks good but has better function, too. As a certified Invisalign® provider in Keller, Dr. Gina Biedermann offers orthodontic treatment using clear braces for mild to moderate forms of misalignment. Call us at our practice to find out if Invisalign clear braces are right for you!

Straightening Smiles across Tarrant County

A discreet alternative to traditional braces, Invisalign clear braces offer a reliable way to straighten teeth without the esthetic detriments a mouth full of metal can have. This method gives professionals a great treatment plan while allowing patients to maintain their image during important events, such as presentations or weddings.
This method of alignment uses a series of clear aligning trays that gently apply pressure in the areas where orthodontic intervention is most needed. Invisalign aligners have several benefits over traditional braces, including:
Dentist showing Invisalign to patient in dental chair
While traditional braces are still used for greater cases of malocclusion, such as with issues of severe underbite and overbite, Invisalign clear braces provide identical results in mild to moderate cases of misalignment. The Invisalign system is also great for patients who experience orthodontic relapse; the aligners can guide the teeth back into the position already set by previous orthodontic treatments.

What Can I Expect?

Once a patient has undergone an orthodontic consultation with Dr. Biedermann, our dental practice in Keller gets treatment underway. We gather blueprints of your mouth and send those impressions to the Invisalign lab, where your custom alignment trays are crafted.
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Patients will receive a few alignment trays and change them out as they progress through their treatment. Every few months patients come into our office and allow Dr. Biedermann to monitor treatment and make adjustments accordingly. At that point, you also receive your next set of aligners. This process continues until treatment has been completed, at which point a retainer may be used to prevent relapse.
Patients experience noticeable changes as they progress through their treatment, often commenting on the speed at which Invisalign clear braces straightens teeth.

Call Us For an Orthodontic Consultation

People are rarely born with perfectly straight teeth, but modern dental technology makes a uniform smile easily achievable. Proper alignment increases the longevity of teeth while also improving their functional and aesthetic qualities. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Gina Biedermann for orthodontic treatment in Keller. We’ll help you determine the orthodontic method that’s right for you.